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What is Black Arts Military Unarmed Combat?

Black Arts Military Unarmed Combat is a Canadian Martial Arts system developed by Grandmaster Gus Michalik of London, Ontario. The Black Arts combines the best of many Martial Arts streaming mainly from Hapkido, Kenpo and Jiu-Jitsu. The Black Arts was designed as a straight forward self defence system utilizing simple movements in combination with pressure point manipulation to achieve effective and sometimes devastating results. There are no patterns or predefined defences. Due to this nature anyone can learn Black Arts Military Unarmed Combat and achieve a reasonable level of effectiveness quite quickly.

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How the club was started

The Black Arts Society was initially formed from remnants of the Canadian Forces Base, London Military Club. Grandmaster Michalik, and Warrant Officer B.J. McLean were tasked to form The Royal Canadian Regiment Unarmed Combat Team from military members of the 1st Battalion. The team originally consisted of Seargent Jim Blackmore, Seargent Jimmy Gardner, Corporal Steve Smith, Master Corporal Scott Guilford, Master Corporal Mike Lesic, Corporal Wendell Heron, Corporal Fraser Strachan and Grandmaster Michalik as coach.

The Emblem of the Black Arts Society

The emblem itself holds a specific significance. The eagle represents the offensive side of the art, whereas the shield depicts the defensive side of the art. If the shield is penetrated then the eagle is unleashed. The dagger represents the military origin from the Special Service Force Unarmed Combat Team. The sunrays signify the multitude of styles emanating from the Black Arts style and the wreath represents that these styles are held together under one entity.


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